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The Paritosh Kumar is the Mystic of Computer Science. His Ultimate Goal is to Redefine the Cosmos. He constantly working on his Ultimate Goal and trying to make the world a better place.

Two major passions of Paritosh are Computer Science which constantly making the world a better place and Yoga which is uniting with Cosmos which also making the world a better place.

He is on a mission to redefine the cosmos if you have the same goal then unite with him.

Paritosh is just 22 years old and Graduated in Computer Science Engineering in 2020 and currently learning Project Management. Alone with that he constantly exploring new technologies and learning them and try to teach others. He is a Self-taught Programmer. He trying to make programming simple for everyone. He has a huge crush on BlockChain and Artificial Intelligence. He started programming with C++. C++ was his first language, obviously his first love ❀. Then he explored various technologies and master them. He is much more bent on problem-solving, developing algorithms. He spends about 15 hours every week making this content, and he wants all of it to be free forever. Managing this with his own academic study and other part-time jobs is extremely difficult. If you like what he does and want to support his cause, consider sponsoring him, it truly means a lot. All proceeds will help him create better content that reaches even more people and you support a young content creator trying to make a positive impact in this world ❀️